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DJ Mustard and YG Duel It Out

They punched each other in the face, but it’s all good.

DJ Mustard contibuted to YG’s My Krazy Life, and claimed that he wasn’t reimbursed for his production work. In an interview with Hot 97, YG stated that what started as a social media frenzy, turned into a real life brawl. In addition, DJ Mustard weighed in on MTV regarding the dispute. According to DJ Mustard, the root of the confrontation was miscommunication between the artists and Def Jam Records: “It wasn’t a shot at YG; it was a shot at Def Jam. But, at the same time, it was a miscommunication, because it was already all done with.” DJ Mustard reportedly ended up getting paid for the work he did on YG’s album. 

Although it has been reported that the two cleared the air pre New Years Eve, DJ Mustard told MTV the two settled it like men: “I mean, we exchanged words, but we brothers, that’s what brothers do. And then we handled it like men.”

YG, on the other hand, mentioned to The Fader that the two actually got into a physical altercation, "Me and the homie we fought, and we got it over with, and we homies. We gon' stay homies...This ain't the first time."

Watch the full YG interview below.

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