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D.O.N.S. Explains His Top 5 'Big Fun' Things To Do In 2015

Deep and tech house DJ/producer D.O.N.S. is relentless when it comes to providing music for his fans. With a weekly hour-long radio show featured on his SoundCloud and a discography of hits that present an unequivocated style of sound, the veteran German act is undoubedly an act-to-know in the coming year.

Hot off of the release of his bouncy new single "Big Fun" featuring the renowned singer Terri B., D.O.N.S. shed some light on his goals for 2015 with his top 5 "big fun" things to do in the coming year. Listen to his Billboard-topping release and read through his spirited list below, as we can all take a page from this talented artist's book.

1) My main “Big Fun” thing to do in 2015 has a lot to do with fun and being big (perhaps a little too big). The goal is to start training hard to get into better shape and lose weight. I was doing great last year but due to travelling a lot I became slack and ignored the gym for over 3 months. That will definitely change and I actually can’t wait as I love to train. It feels so much better if you feel fit and comfortable in your own body, especially when you perform on stage. How lame would it be to you collapse after 3 minutes of crazing dancing behind the decks due to a severe lack of stamina? But health improvement is maybe the most important aspect, and from travelling over the last few years I’ve learned that you only have one body so you need to look after it.

2) This year I really want to tick off one thing on my bucket list. I’ve travelled so much in my life, done so many crazy things, and gained endless beautiful and interesting experiences, but there’s one thing I haven’t yet done: I want to swim with dolphins. I want to be with and witness them in the sea in their natural habitat. I’ve been surrounded by them as they were swimming alongside our boat but I’ve never been in the water with them at the same time. It must be amazing and I can’t wait to finally make it happen. Just doing research about where is the best place to go, maybe EDM.com visitors can help me out!

3) The biggest fun of all is to have a track out called “Big Fun,” which was #2 on the Billboard Clubs charts on NYE, and right after the new year started reached #1. It was the best way to start the new year! Spiced up with a great video that has already been picked up by several TV channels in the US, “Big Fun” really is giving us a lot of fun. The success literally came out of the blue, and Terri B. and I are happy beyond belief, humbled, and grateful at the same time. It just proves to us that hard work pays off. There’s been so many times I’ve been convinced to do a "hit record" and nothing happened, yet this time we just did “Big Fun” for our own pleasure as we love the song so much. No expectations at all, and that makes the current success even sweeter. I can even see a red line in my career as a producer. Many of my most successful tracks were just fun ideas where I didn’t think about any commercial success, I just did them because I loved it or felt the idea. Do what you love and life returns the love with a little bit of luck.

4) I’ve been to around 80 countries in my life and my aim is to visit 100. Usually I combine the visits with DJ gigs but after 80 countries it’s getting harder and harder to find countries to both visit and play, even if some popular countries are still missing off my list. I want to visit Greece, Egypt, and Argentina as I’ve never been there. I want to get to know the great culture and food of those countries better and experience it first hand. So I hope to see Buenos Aires, the pyramids and maybe Santorini... and maybe have my first gigs in those 3 countries.

5) The most unrealistic big fun thing I’ll do this year is to try and live without my MacBook, iPhone or any other technology for 2 weeks. I think it will be a mission impossible but the challenge is on. I’m more scared about the gazillion messages and emails I will have to check once I go back online and switch back on my cell phone. But when I decide to "switch off" during those two weeks there will be no way back. I may need to find someone to hijack my tools so that I don’t get tempted to jeopardize my plan. To avoid digital cold turkey I definitely need to be somewhere nice and warm and preferably with no internet connection so the temptation to sneak around my big fun thing won’t be too big...

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