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Warner Bros. Records Signs Kaskade

A bevy of great EDM producers signed major record label deals over the past few years. With labels such as Columbia signing Daft Punk and Calvin Harris, and Def Jam singing Alesso and Afrojack, the battle over signing big name producers grows more heated. Warner Bros. Records announced the newest addition to their record label with one of EDM's biggest names: legendary progressive king Kaskade. Joining EDM label mates GTA and The Prodigy, Kaskade revealed his record label signing in an interview with Billboard. When asked about new music, Kaskade stated:

"I'm super anxious to get material out there. I don't have an album completed, but I spent most of 2014 in the studio so there will be new music in 2015 for sure. It's premature to say when, exactly, but this is the primary reason the deal happened. To get new music out."

Kaskade revealed that he considered the jump as his Ultra Records deal came to an end. Kaskade also proclaimed that he considers the idea of getting one of his tracks on the radio "worth exploring." With a high-billed appearance at Coachella in April and a 2015 Grammy nomiation, Kaskade's major label singing comes at a huge point in his career.

Watch the video to the Kaskade & John Dahlback track "A Little More" below:

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