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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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“Begin Again” Puts Purity Ring Back on the Radar

Edmonton-based pop duo Purity Ring will release their second full-length album on March 3rd, and have made the announcement by releasing the single, “Begin Again." The 4AD-signed outfit - consisting of vocalist Megan James and DJ/producer Corin Roddick - amassed a respectable fanbase with the unique brand of understatedly dark chill trap in their first album, Shrines.  Their collaborations  with rapper Danny Brown and English producer Jon Hopkins have only bolstered their fan base even further.

 “Begin Again” perfectly fits the mold carved out by the songs in Shrines; Roddick’s soft, fuzzy synth work almost, but not quite, distracts the listener from the song’s eery progressions and macabre vocals by James. Occasional 808 drum rolls anchor it to the accessibility of trap music, even as the avant-garde themes which drive the track’s intrigue push the boundaries of pop music. 


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