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EDM.com Spotlight

Dada Life Found Their Missing Laptop, Sort Of

It seems that someone has gotten their hands on Dada Life’s missing bag in Stockholm, Sweden, which contained their laptop with many unreleased tracks. Through numerous tweets and Facebook posts, EDM.com has unveiled new devlopments in the lost laptop story. On December 15th, 2014, Dada Life posted via Facebook that they forgot their bag on the subway, pleading for the return of the lost items.

At around the same time, a mysterious Twitter and Facebook account under the name Dada Death appeared in the virtual world, and posted various tweets hinting at a future uproar with Dada Life.

After a month of mysterious tweets, Dada Death posted via Facebook a picture of the Tonight Were Friends Again project, containing folders of unreleased material from the acclaimed duo.

To recap: 1) Dada Life forgot about their most prized possesion on a subway. 2) A random citizen, who just so happened to be educated on EDM and Dada Life, picked up the laptop 3) The citizen cared enough to make an ordeal out of it

Although Dada Life commented on the Facebook post, “How did you get that?? Please respond to our label asap as we want the laptop back,” it is not out of character for the duo to commit to next level publicity stunts, particularly referencing their Bottom 100 DJs list.

At this point in time, it is unclear what the future will hold for Dada Life’s lost computer and music. While this could be a publicity stunt for their forthcoming album, it is also possible that this is a reality. Dada Death has claimed to have made better versions of their music and is to be released soon. 

Dada Life's management was unable to confirm the accuracy of Dada Death's threats:

"Yes I'm aware. As they haven't actually released anything there's not a huge amount I can tell you at this point. I'm still discussing with our lawyers what our course of action is and thus what I can and can not say as it may have impact."


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