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EDM.com Spotlight

Undrtone App Aims to Simplify Music Streaming

Undrtone, a music streaming app which acts as an multi-platform interface for users of Soundcloud, Spotify, Beats and Rdio, stands as a promising alternative to music streaming thanks to some of the key Hollywood players supporting it. Soft-launched on the iTunes store, it already boasts roughly 20,000 downloads and is in it's second Version 2.03.

A venture between Scott Vener, music supervisor for HBO series Entourage, and Ben Johnston, cofounder for Australian design firm Josephmark, the app applies a "first-class experience" to its interface by presenting each item in tiles à la Instagram. "Our goal is to aggregate all the cloud services and create a place where everybody can have a conversation, no matter what service you're using,” Vener says. “A play on our app is the same as a play on their services." 

Venur and Johnston met while working together to reboot MySpace, where Undrtone’s earliest incarnation took the form of tracks the two shared with friends and colleagues via Dropbox. Vener professes that he wants the app’s design and functionality alone to attract it’s audience without the support of any of his industry connections.

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