EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Music Platform Beatgasm Takes Radio Streaming To The Next Level

The free music streaming website Beatgasm now stands as a perfect platform for the everyday EDM fan, as it is currently the only of its kind that soley plays dance music. Miami-based radio DJ Erik Velez helped launch the app and, as VP of Programming, oversees the streaming content for quality.


The service features Pandora-like stations personally curated by a team of DJs under Velez’ supervision, but also provides filters based on genre, artist location, energy level, and even mood. In addition, each station can be further “tuned” to “Hits,” “Breakout,” “Variety,” “Surging,” or “Discover,” allowing the user to even choose how obscure the music is played by each station.

Only time will tell whether EDM enthusiasts will hail Beatgasm’s highly customizable interface as an improvement to other apps’ designs, or favor the “singular, first-class experience” model of most popular apps. As it continues to grow, producers at any level are encouraged to submit their music to be featured on the platform. Tracks that do well have the possibility to be featured on the sites login in screen. 

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