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Dada Life Create 'Dada Death' Robbers In New Publicity Stunt

Dada Life’s marketing is bananas

In an odd series of events, it seems that Dada Life has avoided a producer's worst nightmare - losing your laptop. It was recently reported that they had lost their prized possession while travelling on a subway, however it was only a short time later that a mysterious person by the mysterious Twitter account "@dadadeath" had many of their secret files.

The stripped-down remix features the vocal samples from the original with a production technique that is stark in contrast with Dada Life’s "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" style of electro house. The remix appeared on the Dada Death SoundCloud page and disappeared shortly thereafter - but on Dada Death’s Twitter and Facebook pages, a link to its Zippyshare download page was still shared.

For many, it was far from difficult to deduce that the Swedish duo was resorting to unorthodox promotional tactics for the new project, however when “Dada Death” put out their techno remix of Dada Life’s as-yet unreleased track, “Tonight We’re Kids,” it was also clear there was quite a fuss over the whole matter. While the Dada Death saga does make for an unusual way for two undeniably established artists to unveil a side project, nobody can deny that so far it’s succeeded in drawing attention.

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