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Flying Lotus Releases 'Coronus The Terminator' Music Video

Despite touring to megafestivals such as Coachella, Governor's Ball, and Bonnaroo to celebrate the release of his 2014 album You're Dead!, Flying Lotus still continues to give fresh content out to his fans on a regular basis. Flying Lotus already teased new music videos in the time leading up to his album, and its quite apparent that there are even more gifts that he has yet to release.

One of our favorite songs from the album, "Coronus, The Terminator," is now supplemented with an appropriately-trippy music video. A 5-minute video is epic relative to it's short track length, the atmospheric context validates the song and greater album's grandeur message of death and the afterlife. Discretion is advised for those interested in watching the mini-movie, as you might find some of the imagery unsettling, but just as any FlyLo fan will tell you, it undeniably goes well with his unique artistic vision and multifarious music style. 

Watch the "Coronus, The Terminator" music video below:

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