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Aphex Twin Closed His Label 'Rephlex'

Aphex Twin confirmed that his label, Rephlex, has officially closed. In an interview with Groove, he disclosed that the label had ceased its operations in the fall of 2014. Launched back in 1991, Rephlex was run by Richard D. James alongside Grant Wilson-Claridge. The platform was used to release albums by various notable electronic artists including Mike Paradinas, founder of Planet Mu Records, Ed Upton, Luke Vibert, and Squarepusher.

On the subject of the Rephlex closing, James explained, "It has finished, it’s closed now [...] Me and my friend would have drifted apart, but actually the label did keep us together. It got to a point where I’d actually rather be his friend than be in business with him."

The follow-up to Aphex Twin’s Syro will be the 13-track EP Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2, slated to be released by Warp on January 23.

Written by Abigail Covington.

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