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EDM.com Spotlight

KaZantip Festival Moves to Cambodia

KaZantip Festival or “Z” is an EDM festival first established back in 1992 on the Crimean Peninsula, and it takes place from February 18th to the 28th this year. However, due to political unrest, KaZantip was forced to move for its 2nd time from Anaklia, Georgia, to Koh Puos Island in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. 

While at the gathering, patrons celebrate what is called “Mayovka” or “Happiness Parade” - more or less a rule for all during the duration of your stay.  With over 300 DJs set to perform on over 14 dance floors for 21 hours per day, Z-people have an almost unhealthy amount of shows to entertain themselves at.  KaZantip is mostly known for its carefree lifestyles, as there are very little rules other than showing happiness and respect towards eachother.

Over the course of the festival, attendees also can choose a beauty queen to rule for one week. She gets to rule her own court of three prince and princesses, which are nominated by others as beauties and beaus.  The queen and her court get to party for free and receive all the benefits of being elected royalty so they can properly celebrate their status and influence.

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