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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 40

Our dirty drop department store stays overstocked around the clock.

10. Different Heaven - One More Time

Drawing consistent comparisons to the likes of EH!DE & Spag Heddy, Different Heaven is steadily establishing himself as one of dubstep’s most dangerous outlaws. I have found myself tempted on multiple occasions to include this producer in our weekly dirty drop evaluations, but unfortunately he has always missed the cut by the slimmest of margins. Not this time, though. Different Heaven will not be kept a secret for any longer - and “One More Time” should serve as more than enough proof to backup that bold statement. Showcasing similar sounding drops with completely different structures, this captivating song spares you from the monotony that consumes so much of electronic dance music nowadays. Try something different on for size, Different Heaven, that is.

9. Alpha Noize & EH!DE - Monsters

There are very few people in the bass music industry that manage to keep themselves busier than EH!DE. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes it feels like I cannot make it through a full week without seeing something new surface from this incredibly underrated musician. Normally, I would be concerned that releasing material on this frequent of a basis would undoubtedly lead to a downgrade in the overall quality, but this dubstep extraordinaire has displayed no ill effects whatsoever. To help create “Monsters,” EH!DE reached out to Alpha Noize – an under-the-radar producer that has been working nonstop to make a name for himself. Even Godzilla & Rodan would have some serious second thoughts about battling the cataclysmic drops in this beastly banger. This wicked collaboration is sure to transform any peaceful metropolis into a smoking pile of ash and rubble.

8. Dack Janiels - 40oz Bounce

In case you are still a part of the crowd that has yet to take a swig of Dack Janiels’ flavorful dubstep, I think that this refreshing tune will definitely quench your thirst for filthy dubstep drops. Distributed on an EP under the identical name, “40oz Bounce” exhibits enough strength to simultaneously shatter every glass container of alcohol in existence. Attempting to guzzle down both of these tasty drops back-to-back is no easy challenge, so I would strongly advise that anybody with a weak stomach reconsider the potential repercussions for your careless actions. Bouncy bass music is never worth losing your lunch over. Like the saying goes, once you go Dack, you never go back.

7. JPhelpz - Firepower

Take out those gasmasks, grab yourself a bunch of grenades, and suit up with the heaviest weaponry you have available – because JPhelpz is about to drop you straight into the middle of a dubstep war zone with “Firepower.” There is no time for details, explanations, or excuses. All you need to know is that the danger factor skyrockets from 1 to 100 when you press that sneaky little play button. As long as you understand that, then we are on the same page. Both drops in this enormous freebie are not equally intimidating. I am just telling it like it is. If JPhelpz has not yet made the leap into the top of your dubstep producer ranks, I think it’s about time you apply the proper adjustments.

6. Dodge & Fuski - Distress Signal

Seeing Dodge & Fuski back in the dubstep driver seat makes me happier than you could ever imagine. It seems that the now solo act is finally getting back into his groove and supplying the bass music universe with his revitalized sound. While staying true to his style from a couple years back, many of D&F’s newer releases have clearly adopted elements from the works of Zomboy and MUST DIE!. This is in no way a negative; on the contrary, the noticeable changes have aided this expert producer in redefining his brand. As much as I do not like to admit it, the old Dodge & Fuski is gone – and the sooner we can all come to terms with that fact, the better. Plus, for what it’s worth, “Distress Signal” is an absolute whopper of a tune. Do yourself a solid and give these nasty drops the attention they sorely deserve.  

5. Twine - Killing Machine VIP

The VIP of “Killing Machine” has been stalking its prey like a great white shark in the deepest depths of the ocean. If you thought that the original version of this track was a grizzly affair, just wait until you chomp down on this massive rework. Each drop does a phenomenal job of bringing something unique to the table. The first focuses on flinging filth in every possible direction, while the second generates the kind of grime that you only hear about in fairy tales. Featured on Smog City Vol. 3, this fresh take on an old favorite is just one of the million reasons I am obsessed with Twine. This producer has been relentless in his efforts to help fuel the hybrid trap movement, but at the end of the day, dubstep and Twine go together like peas and carrots.  

4. Rae Sremmurd - No Type (Helicopter Showdown Remix)

It comes as somewhat of a relief that the Helicopter Showdown boys are returning to their rough and rowdy roots. Hip-hop and dubstep have worked in unison ever since the inception of the genre, but remixes of this caliber are not nearly as easy to come by as one would think. With Rae Sremmurd quickly becoming rap music’s next big thing, it was only a matter of time until the revisions started rolling in – and in typical Helicopter Showdown fashion, the trio straight up murks this savage tune. It has been way too long since I have witnessed these guys go all-in on a release, but this “No Type” remix has a pair of drops that will make every eager listener instantly piss their pants. Hopefully you have got some clean undies lying around, because you are going to need them.

3. JAUZ - Big Man Ting

JAUZ is a producer that I have been dying to cover in our weekly segment for some time now, and “Big Man Ting” was precisely the opportunity I had been waiting to capitalize on. Teaming up with Jammin MC, these two gentlemen uncork one of the biggest bangers in dirtiest dubstep drop history. To start, a lengthy introduction leads into grunts and gurgles unlike any sound that has ever engulfed your eardrums. You are about to get slapped around so badly that even chronic child abusers would shake their heads in disgust. Try as you may to stand your ground, these forceful drops will rip your torso from your legs like weeds being yanked out of soil. In the field of blossoming musicians, very few individuals display more promise than JAUZ.

2. Definitive - Eliminate All Threats (JPhelpz Remix)

No, your eyes do not deceive you. This is the second appearance from JPhelpz in Vol. 40 of our fun little series. John Phelps has basically become a master at manufacturing dark dubstep tunes that summon evil spirits from the underworld – it’s pretty much his specialty. Every remix, single, or EP that this musical monarch puts out is the kind of carnage that bass demons like ourselves can grow accustomed to hearing on a regular basis. In support of Definitive and their Activated EP, JPhelpz contributed a remix of “Eliminate All Threats” that will send you into an incomparable state of shock. You might drool, you might stare, you might even freeze up with permanent rage face. These are all consequences you must be willing to accept in exchange for some of the slimiest drops we have ever encountered. Well, do we have an agreement?

1. Phiso, Aweminus, Acting Damage, & Ripple - Four Horsemen

Tell me dubstep is dead. I dare you. I double dog dare you. What? Are you afraid? Yeah, just like I suspected. All bark and no bite. For any doubters or haters still in dire need of some tangible evidence, I think that “Four Horsemen” will more than suffice. Showcased alongside three other staggering tracks on Firepower Records’ Flatline Vol. 1, this gritty wall-shaker of a collab will have your neighbors phoning the authorities within seconds. Phiso, Aweminus, Acting Damage, & Ripple are a breed of bass music troublemakers the likes of which we have never witnessed. While some will suggest that this daunting song is impossible to prepare for - and even more difficult to survive - I would not allow that slight drawback detour you from enjoying each drop to the fullest. There is clearly no limit to what these four ambitious dubstep prospects can accomplish.

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