EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Yondr Creates Phone-Free Atmosphere At Shows And Festivals

Technology is undeniably the most important component to electronic music industry, and in recent years it has come into question whether or not it has become, well, too important. Cell phone usage at live events is expected at concerts nowadays, however there are a number of industry professionals looking to revert the culture back to its "pre-selfie" days. Artists such as ZHU have already taken steps to create a live music event without the use of cell phones, and the YONDR service plans to take that idea a whole step ahead.

Yondr is a company devoted to providing an authentic, private, and exclusive experience at any venue. Users can lock their phone inside a specially designed case that can only unlock in designated areas. The idea behind the product is to “be here now,” and not be as absorbed into our technology as we tend to. Banning the use of cell phones and photography has become increasingly popular at both concerts and festivals, and Yondr’s cell phone pouch seems not only effective and ideal for the attendee, but also creates a setting where people can focus on the music rather than on documenting the entire show.

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