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EDM.com Spotlight

10 Reasons Why 'Spring Weekend' Needs To Be On Your 2015 Bucket-list

Spring Weekend tickets are officially back on sale after early-birds tickets sold out in less than 24 hours last week. As if you needed any more reason to purchase tickets to the Gulf Coast festival, we've got 10 of the best ones right here!


  1. Unbeatable price. Spring Weekend is cheaper than most big EDM festivals but without the sacrifice of quality performances or awesome artists. Two day General admission tickets start at  $124.99. If you have some extra room in your spring break budget considering upgrading to the VIP ticket ($179.99) which includes a Spring Weekend mug that is sure to look good on the beach with a cold one in it.  For the thriftier types,  payment plans are also available for only $45 down on a GA ticket or $75 down for VIP.

  1. Beach-side waterslides. Spring Weekend is the only festival to have ever dared to construct  a massive water slide right along the ocean with an adjoining cabana section - available only to VIP ticket holders.

  1. Location, location, location. Panama City Beach, Florida is home to the largest spring break parties in the country. A trip there during this raucous time of year should definitely be on your bucket list and Spring Weekend guarantees you an unforgettable time. 

  1. Beach bodies galore. The beaches of Panama City will be littered with pretty young things from all across the country. Spring Weekend provides the perfect opportunity for you to get in on the action and strut your stuff along Florida’s golden coast.

  1. No-Stress Situation. While many festivals require attendees to park their cars and lug themselves and their gear across wide spaces, Spring Weekend’s set-up is ideal. Hotels are located just above the beach, a stone’s throw away from the event itself. At Spring Weekend, you don’t have to worry about over-stuffing your backpack for an all-day adventure. It’s easy to get back to your room for a power nap or to retrieve a forgotten item without fear of missing your favorite act.

  1. Lasers and lights. Spring Weekend is taking the beach party to new heights with their soaring production elements. Two enormous stages have been constructed right on the beach - one outfitted for day-raging while the other will host shows late into the evening. No matter if you are an early-bird or a night owl, Spring Weekend will blow your mind. 

  1. New artists to love. Each year, Spring Weekend debuts awesome, underground local acts. You and your friends can party on the beach all day while undiscovered, talented artists unleash their latest sets that they’ve worked hard to perfect. While the headliners never disappoint, Spring Weekend attendees might just leave the weekend with a brand new favorite artist to rave about back home.

  1. Good Ol’ Hospitality. Attending Spring Weekend doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Many essential elements to festival weekend are provided for free by the organizers. Water refill stations are located all throughout the festival as is free Redbull for VIP ticket holders. Food is also located on-site but in case you want to make your own meals, your room is never far away. Plus Spring Weekend mugs (included in VIP ticket packages, available to pre-order or available for purchase on site) can be used during the entire event to hold any large beverage of your choice.  

  1. Awesome accommodations. Usually booking a hotel is the most painful part of vacation-planning, but Spring Weekend makes it easy. The festival’s website features a long list of nearby hotels of all difference prices along with a discount code that saves attendees money upon booking. And in case you want to sleep underneath the stars, camping sites are also available!

Last but not least: The epic pre-game. Each year Spring Weekend delights attendees with an element of surprise by putting on a massive show the day prior to the festival. An unannounced headliner not featured in the original line-up will take to the stage in Tallahassee which is a convenient access point to Panama City. A quick party pit-stop helps break up the drive and primes attendees for the festivities to come over the weekend.

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