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Bassnectar Asks Fans To Stop Posting His Setlists

Following Bassnectar’s December performance at Basslights in Hampton, Virginia, the artist voiced unusual concerns to his staggering online fan base. In the closed Facebook group, BNF - Bassnectar Family, administrators pinned a post requesting that fans stop posting set lists from any of his shows. The post read: 

“Lorin has asked us very nicely if we could not post any [set lists] from here on out. The reason behind this is that every set list posted is full of inaccuracies. Everything Lorin plays live has been heavily edited, remixed, or mashed up. He doesn’t want people looking at all these lists and thinking he plays these original versions of songs. When he’s actually modifying them heavily. Please if you are making a setlist from now on I’d like to ask you not to post it online anywhere, especially in BNF. I hope we can all respect Lorin’s wishes.”

Unorthodox as the request may be, it falls in line with Bassnectar’s tenuous relationship with social media. “I have started to realize that I lack the basic skills to function properly on the internet,” he admitted previously in a letter posted inside the group. “So much of what I see online feels strange and alien to me.” 

The bass music icon begins his next tour February 21 at EDC Puerto Rico. Listen to Bassnectar's Noise Vs Beauty LP below: 

Written By John Cameron

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