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EDM.com Spotlight

Google Infographic Discloses The Powerful Presence Of EDM Videos On YouTube

The explosion of EDM culture has captured Google’s attention, and they think it deserves yours as well.

From the growth of the worldwide festival market to the proliferation of music streaming services, the growth of the EDM movement also includes the online video entertainment realm. Google released an infographic in the form of a conversational flow chart examining several 2014 statistics pertaining to electronic music on YouTube, and some of the numbers are nothing short of baffling. 

Among the highlights were the genre’s viewership through subscription figures, in addition to an increase in EDM channel subscriptions by 60% on smartphones and 77% on TVs. Futhermore, subscriptions on gaming consoles increased by a whopping 175% in 2014.

The infographic also purports that 2.3 billion views were generated by the official videos of only nine EDM songs in 2014 - a list which includes “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake, “Latch” by Disclosure and “Summer” by Calvin Harris.

Perhaps the most interesting factor, according to the infographic, the interest of EDM listeners aged between 35 and 49 grew by a perplexing 80% in the first half of 2014. This clearly indicates the entertainment of online videos serves as an easy and accessible entry point to a wide array of potential fans.

Read Google's flow chart below:

Cover Photo Credit Rukes

Written By John Cameron

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