EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

New Studio Teaches Kids How to DJ

As electronic dance music continues to popularize, its implementation in animated films, children’s television shows and video games, is more prevalent than ever. With the recognition that EDM is a big part of the music scene today, Roger Barraza and Jaime Aranda opened their very own recording studio called Sound Stage 9. The two agreed that there  weren’t enough musical outlets available for children in the El Paso area, so their studio offers lessons in guitar, drums, piano, vocals, rapping, and of course, disc jockeying.  

Although the kids practice and perform within the studio, they also do a monthly showcasing in front of friends and family to help "build their self-confidence and stage presence” according to Barraza.  Although the studio offers all services to any child age 8 and up, they also offer services to any other musician that is interested in their programs.

Both Aranda and Barraza are musicians themselves and have been in bands for many years. Their experiences enable  them to teach the kids about stage presence, amongst many other tricks of the trade. Although this is the first establishment of it’s kind in El Paso, there are certainly other studios around the nation that teach children and even toddlers how to manipulate DJ equipment.


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