EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Gramatik and Friends Lowtemporary Vol. 1 Available via BitTorrent Bundle

Gramatik, who is no stranger to giving away free tunes, solicited the help of his label Lowtemp and file sharing megasite Bittorent to release a diverse compilation that takes a look back at the label's 2014 launch. Lowtemporary Vol. 1 features the likes of Gramatik, Exmag, Russ Liquid and many more from the taste-makers behind Lowtemp. The compilation has already been downloaded over a half million times since its release, and promises to deliver, "a lot of good music [so that] everyone can find something for him/herself." 

In an interview with Bittorrent, Gramatik clairified his goals with the label: 

"Before we release anything we’re looking for that spark, the difference they bring to the table, what makes them different from other artists out there. We don’t want to limit ourselves on just one genre, we’re always looking for fresh sounds and diversity."

Make sure to look out for Gramatik at BUKU Music & Arts Festival, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Hangout, and his massive headlining Red Rocks performance this spring. You can catch all of his dates here.


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