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Above & Beyond Documentary Gives Insight on New Album

Expect to catch all of the feels watching this new documentary from Above & Beyond. The ten-minute documentary provides an inside glimpse at the inspirational process behind making their newest album, We’re All We Need. Throughout the film, the trio is shown demonstrating incredible respect and understanding for each other’s strengths and talents, discussing the intricacies of making a new album, and highlighting the valuable help of the vocalists that worked on a number of the album's tracks.

From scratching the lyrics of compositions on napkins to exploring potential soundscapes on acoustic instruments first, Above & Beyond proves what makes their sound so distinct. In a dance scene where artists fight to be the loudest, the trio fully embraces the power of all that is ‘small and elegant,’ noting in the documentary that ‘no one listens when you’re shouting.’

Watch the documentary below:

The documentary includes footage of Zoe Johnston laying down vocals for the single “We’re All We Need,” in addition to testaments from the trio about how unique Johnston’s sound is to them. In his explanation of the themes that tie all of their albums together, Alex McGuinness of the group states how their productions are “snapshots of emotion." It is very evident how well the three members complement each other’s work ethic and value behind continuing this career, and their chemistry is a clear reason why they’ve found so much success with their sound.

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