Tomorrowland is one of dance music’s most anticipated events, with people from over 200 countries flocking to Belgium annually for the three-day gathering. To celebrate the renowned festival’s decade long existence, the heads of Tomorrowland sought out highly-esteemed composer, Hans Zimmer, to produce a commemorative piece entitled ‘Tomorrowland Hymn.’

With the use of classical sounds, Zimmer creates a track that truly evokes visions of otherworldly environments. Stringed instruments drive the track and facilitate earthy tones to establish a soundscape that is truly mystical. Zimmer’s ability fuse synthetic and organic sounds results in a gentle yet euphoric track, celebrating through sound the ability of Tomorrowland – as a global meeting ground – to facilitate a unique type of cultural diversity.

Zimmer has composed music for a lengthy list of films, providing scores for the likes of Lion King, Gladiator, Inception, and over 100 more. A quick Wikipedia search will shed light on his past successes as a four-time GRAMMY, two-time Golden Globe, and Academy Award recipient.

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