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EDM.com Spotlight

Moog To Recommence Limited Production Of Three Modular Synthesizers

Moog Music has announced plans to re-launch three of their most unique modular synthesizers, originally produced in 1964. Manufacturing the first voltage-controlled equipment in history, Moog’s iconic modular synthesizers are a creative and cultural reflection on the past. Referred to as a “lively companion,” this classic piece of equipment gives musicians infinite possibilities to imitate existing sounds or innovate new vibrations that have never been heard before.

As technology progressed to the creation of portable devices, large-format modular synthesizers inevitably went out of production. Now, Moog plans to bring back the System 55, the System 35, and the Model 15. Half a century later, the company aspires to reflect on the earlier years of the synthesizer in order to understand forward movement of real world sounds. Using decades-old techniques to re-create the original, the instruments will be handcrafted in a limited quantity, ranging in price from $10,000 to $35,000 each.

Accompanying the announcement, Moog released an 18-minute short film honoring the history and significant influence on the creation of sound using the modular synthesizer. Recorded in their factory, the documentary features electronic music pioneers and Moog synthesizer performances.

[H/T: Dancing Astronaut]

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