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EDM.com Spotlight

Pioneer Announces New All-In-One, Standalone XDJ System

Pioneer has always been at the forefront of digital music technologically, priding themselves on putting out the most advanced and streamlined DJ equipment. Their CDJ-2000s paired with the legendary DJM mixer has been long considered as the standard for aspiring DJs and superstar DJs alike. The setup provided versatility along with a vast array of different functions needed when DJing live, but now, the go-to DJ setup may soon be considered historic. The XDJ-RX, the newest DJ system to come out of Pioneer’s think tank, is an all-in-one, computer free DJ system with all of the functionality of the CDJ-2000s and DJM mixer and less bulk.

As a Rekordbox DJ system, the XDJ-RX can be used as a completely standalone setup via its USB ports, and a second USB port can be used to record playback. The sleek, high-resolution 7” screen allows the XDJ-RX to utilize a dual waveform display, something that no other controller on the market can provide. Adding a computer can turn the XDJ into a MIDI controller as well, only adding to the functionality and versatility of Pioneer’s newest controller.

Check out Pioneer’s website for more information on the XDJ-RX, and peep the introduction video below!


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