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EDM.com Spotlight

FYER Release New Single And Music Video for 'The Lost' featuring Aloma Steele

If we've learned anything about the eclectic duo known as FYER, it's that they are creating a lane of their own in EDM. Much like his producing and djing brother Skrillex, the exemplary producer Bobby Duque and his multi-instrumentalist partner Gabriel Guardian have redefined the boundaries of dance music, and their latest drumstep masterpiece called "The Lost" featuring Aloma Steele showcases their unique approach to creating the next big sound.

The duo's new single features a pop-influenced vibe, accentuated by a diverse array of compositions, includes a smooth guitar riff, saxophone bridge, and melodic piano stint. The creamy vocal-work of Aloma Steele perfectly captures the essence and direction of their latest single, and it only takes a hastened listen to truly appreciate their unparelleled style.

FYER has also released a music video to accompany their new single, and it brilliantly portrays the life on the road for the gallivanting duo. The film gives a glimpse into their nonstop touring schedule, and it features some "behind the scenes" clips of themselves mastering their craft and naturally hanging out. All in all, the film acts as an impressive documentation of the pair's undeniable musical ability, and you can watch the music video in entirety below.

"The Lost" featuring Aloma Steele is available on iTunes and Beatport.

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