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EDM.com Spotlight

Bassnectar Releases New Joker Remix

After releasing NVSB, one of the biggest albums of 2014, Bassnectar continues to impress with new music. This time he is taking Joker's sexy future trap tune "Midnight" and throwing it deeper down the sub bass chasms. As with several of Bassnectar's remixes, he likes to maintain the original vibe of the track, but beef it out and bring it to maximum potential with his unique style. 

As if the new track wasn't enough, he has accompanied the release with some sweet eye candy that is absolutely worth checking out. The video is practically a cinematic art instillation that features dancing by Atomic Mari of the Youtube channel Smosh, and directoral, editing, and filming chops by David Dutton

You can purchase Bassnectar's remix of "Midnight" here.

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