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EDM.com Spotlight

Disclosure Responds to Plagiarism Rumors, Gives Sophomore Album Update

In a post to their Facebook fan page, Disclosure gave their side about the degree to which other artists are involved in their releases. The duo, which consists of Guy and Howard Lawrence, claimed that any works with their name on them have been written and produced solely by them, save for tracks in which they wrote lyrics alongside other artists whom they maintain that they've credited properly.

 We take great pride in our self sufficiency, our work and the way we work, and it's incredibly frustrating when someone tries to take that away from us, by claiming we stole even one word or one note of our music from anyone,” the post read. “We’d much rather be working on more music than commenting on these type of things, but it felt like we had no choice…”

The statement follows news of a lawsuit in which songwriter Katie Farrah Sopher has accused both Disclosure and AlunaGeorge of using lyrics written in a stolen notebook and sold to the duo by her “violent” former lover, Sean Sawyers. Among the chart toppers she claimed to have originally written were “Latch,” “White Noise” and “You And Me.”

The post takes a positive turn at the end where it reads, “In better news… Album 2 is niiiiicely (sic) underway,” news that ought to resound strongly with fans as the duo released their last album, Settle, back in June of 2013.


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