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EDM.com Spotlight

ISIS Authorities Sentence Musicians to 90 Lashes for Playing Electronic Keyboards

Following a series of raids believed to have taken place in Al-Buraq, Syria, ISIS police officers seized and destroyed what they determined to be “un-Islamic” keyboards, sentencing the musicians playing them to 90 lashes with a wooden stick. Also included in the offense was a musician who appeared to have played a wooden lute.

As ISIS’ extreme, fundamentalist interpretation of Sharia law has drawn them considerable media exposure during their militant occupation of Iraq and Syria, the musicians in question are only a handful of the citizens punished in the past couple of days for seemingly innocuous activities. At least fifteen pigeon breeders were also punished after it was determined that the activity “distracted them from praising Allah,” and 13 children were killed by firing squad for watching an Asian Cup soccer match after their offenses were read aloud over a loudspeaker.

Below, a photographer revealed pictures of the "prohibited" instruments before and after the were destroyed by the radical police.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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