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RL Grime Defends Trap Music in Interview

In a lighthearted interview with Seattle’s The Stranger, hip-hop/bass music DJ/producer RL Grime discussed a series of ridiculous topics - but momentarily took a sincere tone to address the topic of where his career exists relative to trap music. 

When asked why trap has become a bad word, the “Grapes Alla Vodka” producer explained, “It's not a bad word; it's more of a gimmick to me. Or that's what it's turned into. I understand where that word comes from. And I understand why my music has been labeled that. But I'm more interested in getting outside of that.”

He went on to say, “I totally understand that things need to be labeled so people can understand and put them in certain boxes. As an artist creating, it's way easier to try to blur those lines than to stay within them, you know?”


RL Grime just released his November album, Void, on Soundcloud, and is currently on a nationwide tour of its namesake.


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