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EDM.com Spotlight

RL Grime, Mr. Carmack, & SALVA Have A Collaboration In The Works

While RL GrimeMr. Carmack, and SALVA have all worked together in a live setting, the trio have yet to come together to create a collaborative track. It seems as if this dream team is set to become reality, given some revealing social media posts from SALVA and Mr. Carmack.

Mr. Carmack revealed the three were working on a track together during a Q&A session on his Twitter account, and that on a personal note, he has slacked on adding to the track. 

While the collaboration still seems to be a far ways off, the assurance of an anthem should garner excitement for when its eventual release. 

Relive the RL Grime and Salva remix of "Mercy" below:

[H/T: Run The Trap]

Cover photo credit: RL Grime

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