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EDM.com Spotlight

'Fuxwithit' Compiles A Great List Of EDM Producers That Are Changing The Game

The global expansion of EDM culture since 2010 has served to expose it to an enormous audience, but much of its top-billed talent pool has grown stagnant in the process. A look at the Beatport genre tags assigned to the releases of an overwhelming majority of artists on major festival lineups indicates a trend towards homogenized electro and progressive house styles, while producers who take greater musical risks run up against a bigger barrier of entry. 

However, music blog FUXWITHIT wrote a list intended to shed light on electronic music's most innovative producers and picked nine worthy candidates. We couldn't have done it better ourselves, so we decided to highlight what an awesome job they did. While the entries cross a wide spectrum of futuristic EDM, they chose a handful of highly original DJ/producers - including TroyBoi and Woolymammoth of Pantheon and Hegemon, respectively, two artist collectives under the EDM Network umbrella.

Below is a full list of the nine artists featured in the piece:


Cashmere Cat


Mr. Carmack






Sam Gellaitry






A.G. Cook


At Aliae




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