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Matt Lange Releases New Track ‘Inorganism’

Matt Lange pulls us deep down into the dark rabbit hole of techno.

American DJ/producer Matt Lange dropped a new dark techno track via KMS Records. This premiere features an addictive and contagious beat with a deep, thumping bassline, and the fast-paced, raw energy that “Inorganism” displays is the kind of music that makes you move without even thinking about it.

Lange’s rhythmic sounds showcase his talent for precision as he instills a caffeinated rush of industrialized, futuristic beats. “Inorganism” utilizes heavy synths and futuristic vibrations to get that slight head bopping movement of approval. Lange has that unparalleled underground sound, and you can take a listen to the track below.

The track is due to be released January 26th.

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