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EDM.com Spotlight

Staff Picks: 5 Favorite Songs Of The Week Vol. 12

Every week, a staff member of the EDM.com team collects a short list of their favorite tracks that they've been enjoying as of late. This week, our Staff Picks are curated by Cody Smith, and he found five recent tracks that stood out amongst the rest. This list highlights a new original from Matisse & Sadko, an unexpected remix of a Quincy Jones classic, and-surprise-another Aphex Twin song. 

Here are Cody's five picks of the week:

Matisse & Sadko - Persia 

Released under Steve Angello's SIZE Records, "Persia" is a heavy dose of bigroom courtesy of Russian duo Matisse & Sadko. The producers are no strangers to the SIZE label, and "Persia" represents yet another fantastic entry to the SIZE canon. Matisse & Sadko incorporate tribal yells, a deep bassline, and a booming synth into one explosive package. While "Persia" does not break new ground, it's a surefire dancefloor smash. 

Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nova (Kick The Habit vs. Totally Sick Remix)

Movie fans may recognize this tune as the theme song to the film Austin Powers, but a collaborative remix between Kick The Habit and Totally Sick updates this classic with a dirty twist. Originally by Quincy Jones, "Soul Bossa Nova" receives a slick makeover while retaining its signature elements. The unmistakeable melody gets spun into a twerk-igniting drop, all without ever feeling out of place. 

Aphex Twin - Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]

Don't let the nonsensical name fool you, this new Aphex Twin track demands to be heard. Fans of the pioneering producer expect the meandering song titles at this point, but even the most seasoned followers may not expect this song's direction. Eerie, rustling, and a bit cacophonous, this lead single from the new Aphex Twin EP, Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2, sets the tone for the producer's future music. This version is actually a remix of the EP's original track, a confusing-yet-appropriate choice given its mastermind. 

Henrix Featuring Celeda - "The Underground" 

Always one to keep us on our toes, Miami-based producer Henrix takes a techno classic and morphs into a boisterous anthem. Using Celeda's classic song "The Underground" as its basis, Henrix's "The Underground" utilizes separate tribal tones that fit into his own producing style. Instead of shying away from the original's key traits, Henrix openly embraces them and molds the classic with electro-sparked glue.

ODESZA - Bloom (Lane 8 Remix)

It seems almost sacrilegious to remix a group like ODESZA, but Anjunabeats favorite Lane 8 tackled one of their tracks head-on. Remixing "Bloom" off ODESZA's In Return album, Lane 8 adds a rhythmic kick and ups the tempo considerably. The dreamy vocal splices still feature prominently, but Lane 8 mixes up their delivery to fit them into the new 4/4 setting. 

Cover photo credit: Rolling Stone 

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