EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Trippy Clip: The Essential Camera Tool For The Avid EDM Fan

Nano-tech powered holographic smartphone lenses that turn your camera into a set of diffraction glasses.

20-year-old inventor Connor Brereton, creator of Trippy Clip, designed a way to change the way light is captured and creates a diffraction effect for your smartphone. This tiny, versatile piece of technology is perfect for the avid EDM fan as it is literally a pair of diffraction glasses for your smartphone.

Trippy Clip offers a fish eye and circular prism lens for optimal quality through your smartphone camera. The product’s design specifically allows the clip to attach to basically anything that fits within the clip itself, deeming it a convenient and slick invention. Concerning the product, Brereton stated:

"I had this dream all along that one day I would be able to go to a festival and see someone using my product. A lot of [the online EDM communities'] content is pictures, videos, and music that highlights the spectacular culture that electronic music has created. The accumulation of these three things ultimately empowered me to visualize in my mind what sort of experience I want to bring to...the entire electronic music festival culture as a whole."

EDM fans can utilize this powerful camera tool at festivals and shows, ultimately generating pictures and videos like no other. Brereton’s invention will recreate the world you see and bring out the unseen. You can help support and back this project via Kickstarter here.

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