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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM Culture Brand Of The Month: BoogieMADE

Danse Electronique Mouvement X The Streets

BoogieMADE is a young collective that provides a one-stop location for every kind of taste-maker and genre-killer out there.

Jose Santos and Soso Khon, founders of the street-wear brand, originally studied in microbiology and neural endocrinology at California State University, Long Beach, however the pair first found their calling when Jose won a design competition hosted by Insomniac Magazine.

After catching their break, the illustrious duo GTA spotted the crew wearing their original Los Angeles Ravers/DEATH 2 GENRES jerseys at Electric Daisy Carnival, and the rest is history.

BoogieMADE stands for the underground movement – the deep, soulful, hard, tough, sexier avenues of the scene. In a culture that is quickly reaching a "mainstream" point in its run, BoogieMADE is a one-of-a-kind brand that steers away from the “mainstage” aspects of the scene, and genuinely epitomizes the sense of belonging and exclusivity that the scene creates through its underground sound.

This street-wear company is fundamentally geared towards the prevalent EDM movement, yet maintains their ideology of exclusiveness through extremely limited runs of their collections. With support from artists such as AoBeats, Jai Wolf, Kayzo, CRNKN, Mija, Sweater Beats, JAUZ, Manila Killa, Hotel Garuda, Robokid, and SNAILS, BoogieMADE is anti-mainstream with a roster stacked with underground crown heads.

BoogieMADE is the recipient of our inaugural EDM.com "Culture Brand of the Month" award, and in gratitude have provided a special pre-order to their final re-stock of their December-launched Essential Collection, taking place from Monday, January 26th at 12 noon to February 9th. These jersey-influenced items include the Essential Tee, 128 Worldwide Jersey, Essential Baseball Jersey, and the Essential Hockey Jersey.

As always, the best way to keep up with BoogieMADE’s super exclusive re-stocks is directly through their website, and then following them via social media for the inside scoops. BoogieMADE also makes special appearances with their own booth and multiple shows selling exclusive pieces.

For more details on BoogieMADE, check out Nest HQ’s lookbook of the Essential Collection 2014.

Cover photo via BoogieMADE

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