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David Guetta Defends Spotify

During his promotional tour for his sixth studio album, Listen, David Guetta admitted to The Toronto Sun that he loves Spotify. The app has received scrutiny from Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, and Jason Aldean for not properly compensating artists, but Guetta thinks that “streaming is the future of music” and credits much of his fame to the service.

Guetta is known for his catchy house tracks that include vocals from a wide range of both well-known and undiscovered artists.  His albums include collaborators like John Legend, Akon, and Usher, but also have helped Sam Martin, of “Dangerous,” and Sia, of “Titanium,” surface as vocalists. In the past, he explains, that he would work on songs with artists, but not this time. For Listen, Guetta wrote the songs before considering the vocalists, claiming that he imagined that he would be singing them himself.

In the interview, the French DJ also talks about his growth as a producer. He claims that he tries to “reinvent himself on each album,” and that his goal is not to end up selling more copies than the last album, but rather to make music that he is both happy with and that people will like. According to Guetta, he is most proud of his tracks that are “game changers” - “Love is Gone,” “Sexy Bitch,” “Titanium,” and “Dangerous.”

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