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EDM.com Spotlight

Canada's Only vinyl Pressing Plant to Open

Dean Reid is the mastermind behind what is to be Canada's only vinyl pressing plant, Canada Boy Vinyl. Hailing from the construction industry, Reid switched tracks in pursuit of achieving his lifelong passion for music.

As part of achieving this goal, Reid has a number of initiatives in the pipline, including launching his own label, signing bands, and creating a vinyl press plant. He plans on selling the vinyl he produces in a coffee shop that is anticipated to be created in conjunction with the record manufactoring aspect..

Vinyl production is a fairly niche market, consequently requiring him to contract professionals from the UK to assemble the plant. Not much else is known regarding the details of this project, as Reid maintains an adamant level of secrecy to the whole endeavor. Take a look at the video below to get an insider's perspective on the project:

Cover Photo via audioklassiks.de

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