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EDM.com Spotlight

Pandora Expected To Sell More Ads In 2015

Pandora users might experience an increase in advertising in the coming year. 

Surveying 17 advertising agencies in the US, OTR Global concluded that the agencies' satisfaction with ad performance on Pandora is "plenty reason" for an anticipated increase in ad spending. Pandora's most recent report on local advertising revenue indicates an increase by 90% as compared to the year prior. 

Thanks to this report and another study from a Stifel analyst, Pandora's stock is also growing at a rapid rate, and they are anticipating that they will not be affected by the Copyright Royalty Board's new rates that are expected to roll out later in the year.

Although the ad changes might be inconvenient for the average listener, overall it undoubtedly sheds a positive outlook on Pandora's growth for the coming year.

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Cover Photo via Billboard

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