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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 41

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10. Dubba Jonny - Dark Side

Dope dubstep albums are significantly more difficult to discover these days, but if you look hard enough, you will find that they are still in circulation. Dubba Jonny was at the forefront of the electronic dance music movement when it initially swept though the United States a few years ago, but since then this producer has done a bang up job of keeping his work under wraps. Finally prepared to once again acclimate himself to the constantly changing bass music climate, this producer did a little more than just clean off the cobwebs with his outstanding Fire LP. Made up of 12 tracks in total, you do not need to be a Rhodes Scholar to fully comprehend these marvelous compositions. All you need is a pair of ears, some free time, and a willingness to embrace whatever kind of hazardous drops might be hurled in your general direction. Remember what the sunlight looks like, because once "Dark Side" starts bumping, you may not ever see it again.  

9. P0gman - Get Hot (Ft. Gravity)

Our first taste of Black Label XL comes to us in the form of P0gman's "Get Hot." With the Black Label series having experienced a healthy amount of success since its introduction on Never Say Die Records, the widely known line of EP's are now being converted into an imprint all of its own. Due out on January 26th, Black Label XL will essentially set the standard for what is expected from forthcoming dubstep and hybrid releases. If you have been looking for a bass music measuring stick, this 11-track production should provide you with all of the information that you need. Getting back to the tune itself, P0gman utilizes the uber slick vocals of Gravity to perfectly complement his durable drops. Add in some heavy wobbles and emphatic percussion, and boom, you have got yourself a certified dubstep slayer. Step right on up and see if you have the stones to hang with P0gman.   

8. BadKlaat - Head Crush

We are always down for a little back-to-back action here at your top-rated dirty drop delivery service, so just in case you thought you were seeing double, I can assure you that "Head Crush" is definitely the second tune that we have featured off of Black Label XL this week. BadKlaat does not get nearly the credit he deserves for the impact that he has made on the dubstep demographic, but anybody in the know is well-informed when it comes to this musician's detailed resume. I would venture to guess that many of you have never dared to stick your head inside of a trash compactor, but these filthy drops accurately simulate that seemingly painful situation. As your skull begins to cave inwards slowly, tiny chunks of your brain are squeezed out though any available orifices. BadKlaat is at his best when he is up to no good.

7. Blaster & Samplifire - The Hunt

Grab your pitchforks, sharpen your hunting knives, and load your rifles, because "The Hunt" is on - and if you are not the predator, then you are the prey. Blaster & Samplifire, with a little help from Blacklight Audio, have created a four-track EP that is head and shoulders above your average dubstep extravaganza. Both of these producers have really come into their own during the course of the past couple years, and this spicy composition is clearly the culmination of all their back-breaking labor. Possessing two drops that share very little resemblance to one another, this remarkable banger keeps you thoroughly entertained with all of its dicey twists and turns. Blaster & Samplifire are building up plenty of momentum, lets just hope that they can maintain it.

6. Figure & Brawler - Pennywise The Clown (Ft. Cas One) (Twofold Remix)

Returning for round two of remixes, Figure must have felt that his first wave of revisions could use some solid reinforcements. Highlighted by names like Downlink, Dack Janiels, & LUMBERJVCK, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Selected Remixes Vol. 2 EP contains some of the most evil, dark, and sinister bass music ever produced. Now, as for this remix of "Pennywise The Clown," the culprits in question are none other than Twofold. Does that name sound familiar? Because if it does not by now, you may need to just hang em' up and walk away from this dubstep game. Okay, perhaps I am exaggerating just a bit - but my point is clear. For those of you that prefer drops with moxie, grit, and no boundaries, this duo's name should always remain on the tip of your tongue. Twofold, say it with me people, Two·fold. Very nice. Thank you.

5. SPL - Confusion

You know that it has been a busy week around here when SPL clocks in near the middle of our pack. However, that was precisely the dilemma we faced with "Confusion." Appearing on SMOG Records' Smog City: Vol. 3 compilation, this super-sized track will stop at nothing to make sure that its vibrations are detected throughout every continent on this planet. The majority of you readers are likely familiar with SPL due to his trap and DnB prowess, but when it comes down to dubstep, he does the damn thing pretty darn well. All the proof we needed was visible in the song that sits below. Between the bonkers bass line and supreme sound design, these perplexing drops will strand you in the thickest cloud of confusion ever registered. Good luck getting your mind right after this one. 

4. Figure - The Werewolf (Midnight Tyrannosaurus Remix) 

Wasting no time before hopping back into the ring, Jason Figlioli, better known to many as Midnight Tyrannosaurus, has dropped the boxing gloves and is now throwing bare-knuckle blows that would K.O. an adult triceratops. Distributed alongside Twofold's remix on Figure's Selected Remixes Vol. 2 EP,  this carnivorous tune was carefully constructed around a couple of the meanest drops ever forged. "The Werewolf" had already developed a reputation for being one of Figure's most diabolical creations to date, but even the original version pales in comparison to this ridiculously traumatizing remake. As Midnight Tyrannosaurus continues his epic dubstep conquest, one thing is for certain, absolutely nothing will silence this prehistoric creature.

3. 50 Carrot x Coffi x Solomon - New Presidents (Ft. Watson)

Headlining Gentlemen's Club Collections Vol. 1, "New Presidents" comes to us courtesy of the three-headed monster behind this burgeoning label. Under the term 'dubstep OG's' in the dictionary, you will find pictures of 50 Carrot, Coffi, & Solomon. Receiving some assistance on the vocal end from Watson, these four madmen unleash one of the biggest bangers we have heard since the beginning of time. I seriously doubt that any of these blokes plan on running for office during the 2016 U.S. presidential race - I mean, they are all from the UK. Having said that, if they did decide to toss Coffi's floppy hat into the ring, there is no doubt that they would assemble the dirtiest campaign in the history of politics. Every speech, debate, & town hall meeting would quickly transform into an unprecedented bass music beatdown. This troublemaking trio obviously knows their way around a badass drop or two. 

2. Lord Swan3x & Code: Pandorum - Sudden Death (Ft. Kretan)

Lord Swan3x & Code: Pandorum are names that are essential to any dubstep junkie's vocabulary. Both known for their ability to decimate every production that emerges from their respective hideouts, these two musicians never fail to impress me. Just when I think that they have pushed the limits as far as they can possibly go, this tag team effortlessly breaks down every single barrier that obstructs their path to bass music immortality. While it may have required a little bit of help from Kretan, their dominant title track is arguably the best tune from Lord Swan3x's Sudden Death EP on Abducted Records. There is nobody in the hard dubstep realm making more noise than these dudes right now - and I will gladly vouch for them any day. Do drops that wreck shit pique your interest? Well, then you have stumbled upon the mother lode.

1. Pane Mua - Power Stomp (Spag Heddy Remix)

There are dubstep producers, and then there is Spag Heddy. Does that make sense? Lets just agree that you do not need to own a crystal ball or tarot cards to read into this dubstep dynamo's bright future. Whether Mischa Reining's cooking up an original, baking a delicious remix, or sautéing our ears with a VIP special, this tomato bass master chef has perfected the recipe for appetizing bass tracks. Take his remix of Pane Mua's "Power Stomp" for example; at first glance you might not anticipate much more than your standard Spag Heddy walkabout, but when that second drop cranks the intensity up a notch, your whole world immediately comes to a grinding halt. You better have your act together if you plan to go into combat against this dubstep conquistador's expanding empire.

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