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Elijah Wood Reflects On His First DJ Tour

A-List actor Elijah Wood just finished his first U.S. tour as one half of Wooden Wisdom, his music project with DJ/producer Zach Cowie.

Few EDM fans may realize that Wood has been DJing as a hobby for over a decade. Even though he may have put his music on the back burner for many years in favor of an undeniably lucrative film career, his recent moves in the music world show that his passion never completely vanished. In an interview with ABC News, both artists discussed the the project, shedding light on the details of their collaboration.


We had been playing for almost three years at various events that people would have us play at,” Wood said in regards to their decision to plan a tour. “I think for Zach and I, we just wanted to take it a little more seriously and honestly, we wanted to travel and play to more people.”

On his musical influences, Wood explained, “What we do now is so inspired by Mancuso and The Loft parties, Paradise Garage.” Cowie added, A lot of friends are big influences on us, we're very interested in Turkish music and a lot of that comes from our friend Fitz. We’re also very interested in Brazilian music, which comes from our friend Joel.” The duo are also big fans of Aphex Twin’s newer material.

Although their U.S. tour is over, Wooden Wisdom will pick up the second leg of their tour in May with a handful of international dates.

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