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RL Grime & UNICEF Collaborate With 'Always' Music Video

Musicians stand in a unique spot that allows them to use their fame in order to promote social issues and discuss philanthropic efforts. While it's not essential for a famous artist to seek out on humanitarian platforms, their popularity can reel in people on unknown problems. UNICEF, a United Nations program dedicated to providing aid to women and children across the world, reached out to RL Grime to help promote the issue of child marriage. Many countries contain systems where young girls are forced to marry much older men. 

UNICEF, kicking off the #ENDChildMarriageNow campaign, asked RL Grime to contribute a song to a music video showing the horrors of child marriage. A few months removed from the release of his debut album Void, the producer chose to use the song "Always", one of his more down-tempo songs, for the video. RL Grime detailed his collaboration with UNICEF in an email:

"Before UNICEF approached me, I was unaware of this epidemic of child marriage that is plaguing Chad and other places globally. So when they came to me with the opportunity I was happy to be involved and help shed light on a very real world topic.

Watch the music video to "Always" below:

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