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EDM.com Spotlight

Feed Me Gives Taste Of His Upcoming EP With New Single 'Wuzzle'

The legendary producer drops ‘Wuzzle’ and announces upcoming EP in early February.

If there is a reason for the constant grin on the Feed Me green monster, it is inevitably due to the fact that Jon Gooch, the mastermind behind the monster’s multi-genre'd hits, always has something that he's working on. After wrapping up his 2014 Psychedelic Journey tour, the producer is kicking off the new year with a very original and refreshing electro track entitled “Wuzzle.” Take a listen to the upbeat, high-energy track below.

It appears that Gooch’s hiatus paid off as “Wuzzle” properly revamps his usual electro style. Gooch has been teasing this track for a while, notably when he released a 30 minute Good Morning Mix for Pete Tong. This track was previewed alongside other anticipated tracks off the new EP rightfully named A Giant Warrior Descends on Toyko, which is due to be released February 2nd, 2015 via Sotto Voce Records.

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