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EDM.com Spotlight

Production Platform Splice Introduces New Plugin Features

Music production platform Splice has taken the next step with their revolutionary production platform and has introduced one-click plugin purchasing through their exclusive market. The cloud-based service announced several new features involving plugins, digital instruments, and effects that connect to production software like Ableton or Logic, which are a vital tool for collaborators who work on separate platforms.     

The company, open in public beta since September of last year, intends to eliminate barriers to creativity by allowing collaborators to instantly download a new plugin and explore a growing collection of free plugins. In addition, the platform will be changing the method of plugin distribution by launching a new plugin SDK, permitting users to rent and subscribe to plugins. For Splice users, the idea is an innovative solution in music production and collaboration, moderating piracy and further advancing the plugin market.

Beyond the surface, the update resolves a substantial compatibility problem. Splice’s announcement states, "If you are working with a collaborator who has a plugin you don't, you can immediately get the plugin and not have to worry about freezing tracks or bouncing audio stems before you are ready."

Splice’s advancement also promises to save valuable time on plugin maintenance for users by managing your licenses, providing instant access to installers for your platform, and updates when they are available.

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