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EDM.com Spotlight

“Will DJ for Food” Campaign Earns Teen an Eagle Scout Badge

17-year-old high schooler Drew Valdez organized a charity drive in a suburb outside Seattle, WA with the help of his mother and a friend called “Will DJ for Food.” Valdez belongs to the organization Boy Scouts of America, and planned the event to satisfy the large-scale community service effort requirement for earning the Eagle Scout honor.

The event featured Valdez DJing, who also produces jazz-infused hip-hop under the name Slap Serif. Unlike stereotypes associated with the younger generation of bedroom DJs, Valdez largely spins vinyl and boasts a collection that his mother descrbes as “out of control.” 

“It’s very danceable,” said Tietje of Valdez’ style, which the latter considers to be unlike most EDM. Instead of paying cash for admission to the event, which took place at Valdez's high school, attendees gave cans of food at the door. The drive amassed somewhere between 700-1,000 pounds of food, which Valdez and Tietje collected and packed into the back of his mother’s car and donated to charity organization Hopelink.

Valdez plans to study computer science or engineering in college and would like to minor in music, although he hasn’t decided whether or not he wishes to pursue it as a career.


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