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EDM.com Spotlight

New Study Sheds Light on EDM Listeners

Nielsen Holdings N.V., the company responsible for the Nielsen ratings used by television stations to make programming decisions, conducted an in-depth demographic study on EDM listeners. As opposed to similar infographics released recently, the research presented includes statistics on ethnicity, education level and income.

Among other relevant data, the infographic shows that the highest distribution of EDM listeners identify as white - and by more than a 2:1 margin than than those whom identify as Hispanic, who make up the next biggest group. Additionally, the popularity of electronic music among college students reflects through the “some college” segment comprising the largest proportion of the population. The household income of electronic music fans curves most sharply in the “$25,000-49,000” category, which came in at 27%, although “$50,000-74,000 followed closely at 24%.

Look at the Nielsen infographic below for the full scope of information gleaned from the company’s research:



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