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Country-Wide Law Network Set To Provide Legal Advice For Ravers

Ever gotten yourself into strife at a festival or rave? Now there is a whole network of clever people wanting to help you out of trouble. The major announcement came via The Festival Lawyer's facebook page, surrounding the idea to begin a network of attorneys and legal students who are willing to assist those in need of legal advice after a dance music event. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the festival lawyer, he is a self-described "festival goer and advocate" renown for combining his knowledge of the law with his passion for the festival industry, who regularly posts tips online of how to deal with the authorities in unfortunate circumstances. His proposal for a country-wide network of legal advisors came from the fact that he was unable to properly inform those punters stuck at a festival outside of Sunny California. In a bid to spread the message and create a strong nationwide network, The Festival Lawyer also announced his partnership with Stefanie Jones of the Drug Policy Alliance, one of the world's largest drug policy and harm reduction organizations in order to assist in making the legal directory a reality. 

"The idea is that members could provide some insight into the “local” state laws that apply to each festival as well as act as a resource for folks who get busted. I am imagining something more like a directory, a list serve or a Facebook group as opposed to an actual formal organization."

For dance music fans and ravers alike, this could mean increased safety, informed decision-making and a bit of luck for those unfortunate enough just to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Read the entire proposal below: 


About once a week during festival season someone emails me to say, “Hey I have a friend who got busted in _____(insert festival name) and he doesn’t know any lawyers in ___ insert name of state) ….can you help?” 
Unfortunately, a lot of times I’m not really able to help much because I am a criminal defense attorney in California and don’t really know the laws of these other states.

That’s the basic idea behind the “FEST LAW NETWORK.” I’d like to create an online directory of attorneys and law students who want to help folks who find themselves in trouble after a fest or rave.

Members of the “FEST LAW NETWORK” should be attorneys and students who are also “festies” or “ravers” or just in general support the goals of ending the drug war and pushing for harm reduction measures at festivals.

The idea is that members could provide some insight into the “local” state laws that apply to each festival as well as act as a resource for folks who get busted. I am imagining something more like a directory, a list serve or a Facebook group as opposed to an actual formal organization.

At the same time there is a need for a network of attorneys who can help groups like DanceSafe, Drug Policy Alliance, Amplify and SSDP, in their harm reduction efforts and drug policy reform efforts. For example, a group might need a legal opinion about whether a test kit is considered "paraphernalia" under the laws of that state or help if they are getting hassled by local law enforcement.

Right now, there is very little legal information about how law enforcement is interacting with festival goers at different events. There also does not seem to be a lot of legal support for festies. (The only similar group I am aware is “Lawyers for Burners.” If there are others please let me know)

I tried to get this going in 2014 and in fact there was a lot of positive response from attorneys and law students. Unfortunately, for me personally, the end of 2014 was filled with hospital trips, work emergencies and heartache. Because of that I was never able to get this off the ground the way I wanted.

But it’s really happening in 2015. 

I realized last year that I couldn’t create a nationwide network like this on my own and need a strong partnership. I am therefore super excited to announce that I am partnering with Stefanie Jones of the Drug Policy Alliance to help make this a reality.

Stefanie is nightlife community engagement manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, one of the world’s largest drug policy and harm reduction organizations. You can read her bio here.


What her bio skims over is that she in fact kicks ass and is one of my heroes. So this is quite an honor for her to partner with me.

If you are a lawyer or a law student and you are also a “festie” or a “burner” or “raver” or you are fighting for cannabis legalization or an end to the drug war we would love to hear from you.

Please email me at info@festivallawyer.com with the subject heading FEST LAW NETWORK If you could include what state you practice in and the type of law you practice would be very helpful

We are compiling an email list as Stefanie will be sending out an “opening email” explaining a bit about the network. Our (ambitious) goal is to get something up and running by the start of festival season.

If you like the idea but aren't a lawyer or law student you can still help. SHARE this post. TAG people you think might be interested. COMMENT on resources we might not know about I want to find folks who are interested in building something cool for the community as opposed to immediately trying to monetize this somehow. Anyway you can help is appreciated.

As always thank you for your support and help. Let's do this
Festival Lawyer 1/28/15

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