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Tiesto and MOTI Release Official Music Video For "Blow Your Mind"

Tiesto’s latest collaboration with his Musical Freedom protégé, MOTI, “Blow Your Mind,” first saw airplay during Tiesto’s Ultra 2014 set. From there, it was played out all over the world by both Tiesto and MOTI, and to kick off 2015, the superstar producer and his up-and-coming pupil has officially been released “Blow Your Mind” alongside an official music video.

“Blow Your Mind” is a hard-hitting electro track that is a step away from the melodic progressive house pop crossover sound that Tiesto experimented with in his album A Town Called Paradise. The track is reminiscent of previous songs like “Maximal Crazy” and “Zero 76” and the official music video gives a glimpse into what it’s like to be a star amongst the elderlly public, all in the setting of an old person home ball game. The main character, chest hair out and all, can do anything he wants - that is, until he gets knocked out of the game by some lucky roller.

Watch the official music video for “Blow Your Mind” below!

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