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Wildstylez Reveals Upcoming Album And Discusses US Tour [Interview]

Wildstylez is a household name when it comes to Hardstyle. He is responsible for some the most well-known tracks in the genre. With countless collaborations with names like Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, The Prophet and Coone, to name a few. In 2014, he started his own label, Lose Control Music. Now, just a year later, his label has already had extremely successful nights and shined some light on upcoming euphoric hardstyle producers Noiseshock and Sound Rush.

Joram (Wildstylez) has many cool things lined up in 2015. Most importantly, he is doing his first solo album. He also concluded his first American tour, which had packed out stops along the way through New York, Texas and Florida.

I had a chance to speak with Joram during his tour. He gave us some insight on the tour, his upcoming album, and everything else he has planned for the year.

(EDM = Alan Mandel ; W = Wildstylez)

EDM: Hi Joram! Pleasure to speak to you. Looks like you have a busy time ahead with this American tour coming up!

W: Yes, I just started my tour and am enjoying this tour a lot! I’ve met some great fans already and looking forward to all the other shows!

EDM: Great! So, first off, where are you planning to take Wildstylez in 2015? What sound will you be focusing on?

W: I’m not focusing on a specific genre or sound, I’m just having fun in the studio and want to make what I like and take it from there. I’m also testing some new stuff out on the road to see how the crowd reacts to it.

EDM: I hear you have a new album coming out. In fact, your first solo album! Tell us about it and what we can expect.

W: I’m indeed working on my first album and I can hardly wait for its release. Like I said before, I didn’t want to focus on a specific sound and just went along with it. I didn’t want to feel any pressure and it was important for me to have fun creating new music in the studio. This created a pretty good vibe for me and soon one song finished after another.

EDM: What tracks from the album are you most excited about?

W: I can’t share a lot of details yet, but stay tuned as I will announce some more info soon. But what I can say is that will get released around Spring this year. 

EDM: Are you collaborating with any other artists on the album?

W: Yes I am, but I can’t tell you the names yet. 

EDM: Your label Lose Control Music has had a crazy year so far, with several releases from yourself, Max Enforcer, and some new talents you’ve found. LCM has hosted stages, and now a tour in the states. What’s next for the label?

W: I want to keep building this platform to release music that I like and hopefully the fans will like as well. I also want to keep an eye out for new talents that I want to support through this platform. I haven’t set any boundaries with LCM and we’ll see what the near future will bring.

EDM: Cool! So, now that you’ve got a North American tour lined up, what are you expecting? Tell us a little about your previous experiences playing in the United States.

W: It’s cool to see that harder styles are taking over in the US and more people are getting infected with this music style. I hope to meet new fans and discover new places and just have fun on the road with my good buddy Michael aka MC Villain.

EDM: What do you think of the American hardstyle scene and the potential for hardstyle music in America? Where do you see it going?

W: The American hardstyle scene has more fans every time I come here and I like that the fans are into the euphoric sounds which is the same style that was very popular in my home land back in the day. The hardstyle scene is a very loyal scene and I’m proud to be a part of it.

EDM: This tour goes all across the United States, from New York to Chicago, Houston, and even to Canada in Vancouver. Did you ever expect to see yourself touring like this? 

W: No, it all started as a cool hobby and I never expected to be where I am now and that it would take me to cool places like the cities I will be visiting during this tour. It’s such a cool thing to see that even people across the ocean are listening to my tracks and like it!

EDM: How did “Wildstylez” begin? How did you first discover Hardstyle music, and what made you dedicate your life to producing it?

W: Back in the day I visited an event in the Netherlands that was called “Trance Energy” and the music I heard that night did something with me. I wanted to create music that also made people dance and I just started at home trying out some stuff and produce music.

EDM: What other styles of music have you experimented with?

W: I produced some progressive and electro house, but never really finished anything.

EDM: Over a long career like yours, many crazy things are bound to have happened. What’s one of the craziest experiences you have encountered?

W: Nothing is too crazy for me. 

EDM: When it comes to being a successful music producer, what would you say is the most important thing to keep in mind?

W: To keep producing what you like to hear and to keep evolving.

EDM: What does your studio look like?

W: It's a really basic setup, I have a mac pro, Genelec 8040 monitoring, Motu HD192, a Virus C & ti, and a Lexicon Reverb. That's all I use.

EDM: Do you have any tips for us when it comes to mixing hardstyle music in the studio? How do you get your mixdowns so clean?

W: Well probably don't “over” produce your tracks, a lot of tracks have like 10 sounds at the same time with reverb and delay on it. The it's hard to keep your mix clean.

EDM: How many kicks have you produced over your career? What is your favorite tool for kick production?

W: Probably more than a 1000. There is not like 1 tool that does the trick. I use a 909 kick with a lot of EQ's and distortion.

EDM: Where do you see the Hardstyle genre going in 2015? What trends have you noticed?

W: I don't know, but I hope it will get a little slower (142-145bpm) and there will be more 'Euphoric' tracks again.

EDM: What are some new hardstyle producers we should pay attention to? Who has popped up on your radar?

W: Audiotricz

EDM: Great. Thank you very much, Joram! Good luck with your upcoming tour. I’m excited to see what the year has in store for you.

W: Thanks a lot for this interview and see you soon!


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