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Akon Goes EDM In Five-Part Album ‘Stadium'

Akon goes EDM for upcoming five-part album "Stadium."

The modern music industry has seen more genre-integration than ever before in order to reach new audiences and new platforms. EDM commonly bridges the gap between genres thanks to its diversity in both production and creativity, and everyone from country singers to hip-hop stars have begun to exercise their "inner raver." Akon stands as the latest producer to do so with his music, as he announced his official comeback since his 2008 album Freedom. The producer took to Twitter on the first day of 2015 to announce his forthcoming five-part album Stadium.

Each part of his forthcoming album focuses on a single genre, including Euro dance, pop, island, urban, and world genres. Akon has also made a track from each disc available for stream on his website. The euro dance influenced track, “Better,” features Niko The Kid and consists of catchy lyrics and a progressive house-style drop. You can listen to the full euro dance track below.

Akon appears to have big plans for 2015, as he also posted via Instagram a preview of his upcoming extended video directed by Robby Starbuck.

Going over script with my director Robby Starbuck for my new extended video coming soon.

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Stay tuned with EDM.com for Akon’s forthcoming multi-genre'd album Stadium, which is due for release later this year.

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