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EDM.com Spotlight

Avicii Remixes His Latest Single "The Nights"

To wrap up his tumultuous 2014, Avicii unveiled his “One World Party” global Spotify playlist - a promotional strategy which allowed him to broadcast a global dance party. Fans from across the world were given the opportunity to help curate this playlist by submitting tracks that they thought would best help ring in the New Year with a bang. Included in the playlist was a gem by Bergling - an “Avicii by Avicii” remix of his latest single “The Nights.”


“The Nights” showcased Avicii's musical diversity as he moved away from the generic “EDM” label, and experiments with his unique sound, which was promintent on his latest album True. This “Avicii by Avicii” remix turns his melodic, poppy original track into an electro house banger that is sure to get a dance floor jumping. He infuses screeching synths and an energetic bassline with the melodic vocals of the original to create a track that will keep classic Avicii fans happy.


Check out the original of "The Nights" below!

After cancelling his latest appearance at the latest Future Music Festival due to health issues, Avicii is scheduled to play at Future Music Festival in February of 2015 to kick off the brand new year for the talented producer.

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