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EDM.com Spotlight

Rihanna Takes On Dubstep With New Track "World Peace"

With her new album R8 due out sometime in 2015, Rihanna's career is poised to catapult into even greater heights of stardom. While there have yet to be any tracks released off the album, Rihanna’s team has been hush hush about what’s to come for the talented artist.

Her collaboration with Calvin Harris, “We Found Love,” reached unprecedented heights of popularity, both in the dance music world and in traditional pop culture, although Harris’ track for her new album was rejected by Rihanna. This lead many to believe that the pop singer was planning on moving away from the EDM direction with her new album. On January 1st, the first leak of Rihanna’s album surfaced, a demo of the track “World Peace.” The song has melodic, poppy undertones overlayed with her sultry vocals, and is characterized by many big elements of dubstep.

Check out the track for yourself below!


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