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Martin Garrix & Team Talk Spinnin Records, Ghost Producing, And ‘Animals’

The 18-year-old EDM icon tells all in BBC Radio 1 interview.

The Dutch DJ/producer has been battling validity since the release of his breakout track “Animals” back in June 2013. However, an interview conducted by Danny Howard from BBC Radio 1 unveils the legitimacy of Martin Garrix and the beginning of his massive stardom. With the strategic help of super platform Spinnin Records and his mega-star mentor Tiesto, Garrix has proved to be one of the most successful producers in the industry and not just a one hit wonder.

It doesn't appear as though he will be slowing down as his manager, who also manages Justin Beiber, claims that producing for pop stars, "will be the next step for him. With Martin we have a really good shot at establishing him as an overall pop producer." 

Despite popular belief, Garrix didn’t just pop up in the scene one day with “Animals.” In fact, the producer began making electronic music in his room at the young age of 11: “For me, I played the guitar and I would have so many melodies in my head but I couldn’t something with it.” He installed software onto his computer and began fiddling around with the new technology, only to ghost produce for huge DJs by the age of 15. His manager Watse noted that Garrix had only turned 16 when Spinnin Records signed the producer.

Garrix also spoke about his original track “Animals” and its impact on his career. Most would say Garrix experienced an overnight success, but this is primarily due to the clever marketing strategy when Spinnin Records released “Animals.” They posted the track as an ID, forcing fans and industry members across the globe to wonder who the mystery producer actually was. By the time Garrix took credit for his extremely successful track, “Animals” was already a major hit of 2013. In 2014, Garrix ranked #4 on the DJ Mag Top 100.

Howard also utilized the interview as a time to reveal a potential side project from the Dutch producer. At around 48 and ½ minutes, Howard previews a track by Yellow Claw, Cesqeaux and an alias under the name GRX. The track, "Psycho," steers more towards the trap genre, yet still displays Garrix’s big room style in a slightly different manner.

On average, only 1 of 50 Garrix tracks make a full release. The producer told Howard that it doesn’t take him as long to produce a track as it does for him to actually finish it: “I just have a very hard time finishing tracks. I’ll start new ones and have like 15 unfinished tracks and the label will be like, ‘Yo Martin, what are you doing? We need a track.’ I think time wise, it depends, like 20 hours, sometimes 60 hours.”

You can listen to the full interview here, but only for a limited time.

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